about Us

The company, Digital Globe Pvt. Ltd. was established in the year 2018 as an IT based Mapping, Training, Communicating firm, working on research, surveying and mapping using geospatial tools.

Main field of activities of Digital Globe Pvt. Ltd. is research, analyzing, mapping, surveying, planning, engineering, GIS/RS training, and of the projects within all fields of geographic information related science. From the outset, our primary concern has always been to render professional and personal services of the highest quality to our clients who include government, semi-government, non-government and private enterprises.

Vision :

To be a nationally recognized, independent, multi-disciplinary centre for team-based, policy focused, empirically driven research and development institute in the natural and social sciences field.


To be a nationally recognized, independent, multi-disciplinary center for team based, policy focused, strengthening & empowering people and organizations through professionalism development in planning and implementation through geo and social based data development and management.


To develop and implement a sustainable research agenda that matches closely the key long-term economic and social challenges facing Nepal in the national and international context.

Supporting Goal 1

To contribute in research, development and policymaking by developing statistical techniques, conducting surveys, and developing administrative data sets in a manner consistent with the Institute’s primary goal.

Supporting Goal 2

To implement organizational and business strategies to support the developing research and development agenda and to help ensure that Digital Globe Pvt. Ltd. institutional values are sustained.

Objectives :

  • Country’s development activities by providing technical, educational and research expertise for sustainable and spatial linkage between social, economic and environmental friendly development.
  • Eventual amelioration of difficult livelihood for majority of Nepalese rural peoples whose life is at the brink of subsistence level at present.
  • Socio-economical dimension of any development intervention.


The quality of the Institute’s work depends on the talent and commitment of its staff, and the appropriateness of the supporting structures. The organizational environment must recognize excellence, support self-development and foster collegiality in all areas. As a body who’s funding derives primarily from public institutions, the Institute recognizes the importance of demonstrating that it adheres to best practice in delivering its research and development agenda and provides maximum value for the resources that come from service users in Nepalese context.

The key values of the Institute are:
  • Quality, professionalism and transparency.
  • Academic excellence.
  • Integrity and highest standard of professional ethics.
  • Relevance of its research to Nepal’s policy agenda.
  • Engagement with policymakers regarding evidence and analysis.
  • Collegiate practices that promote efficiency and staff well-being.
  • Equality of opportunity for the Institute’s staff.
  • Timely performance for the client satisfaction


  • Periodic Plan/Master Plan (Local Level, Province Level, Central Level)
  • Profile (Local Level, Province Level, Central Level)
  • Resource Mapping
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Climate Change, Adaptation and Resilient
  • Topographical and Social Survey
  • Publication of Journal at national and international standard
  • Publication of books
  • Tourism/Trekking Route Surveying and Mapping
  • Physical Development Planning
  • RS and Land Use / Land Cover Mapping and Change Detection
  • Urban Rural Linkage and Development
  • Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) of Development Project
  • Spatial/Attribute Data Production and Distribution
  • GIS/RS/GPS/SPSS Training

Organizational Structure :

The company is operated by the day-to-day management is responsible and handled by the managing director. Works are divided in to five major sections of which section chiefs are responsible. Most of the section chiefs are the member of board of directors, and the promoter of the firm. The firm has a number of full time and Resources staffs and a pool of resource personnel whose service are acquired as per the requirement for each specific project. The organizational structure and working area of Digital Globe Pvt. Ltd. Is: